• I am a red-blooded American dog with a taste for the finer things in life.

  • Bookmarking my website will increase your IQ.

  • This wig is an example of my sacrifice.

  • Compared to me, the most interesting man in the world is about as interesting as this hat.

Baffi in tophat and monacle

Welcome from Baffi

My name is Baffi. I have become famous because of my perfectly shaped mustache. My mustache is a piece of facial art so uniquely divine, it is unlike anything you will ever see.

I’d like to start by making something crystal clear. You will see me doing many ridiculous things on this website. I will wear costumes. I will be shamelessly photographed. I will prance around with other canines as if a magic bone suddenly made them peer-worthy. But trust me – this is simply a means to an end.

You see, I enjoy the finer things in life – upscale groomers, food out of the oven instead of a bag. To partake in the things I enjoy, a quid pro quo is necessary. And the occasional funny-hat picture is entirely worth the occasional entertainment of a few humans.

So welcome to my website.

About Baffi

Baffi was born on December 28, 2012 in Laveen, Arizona. He was the eighth Pit Bull pup of a litter of 13. When Baffi entered the world, everyone knew he was something special. They didn’t need to look any further than his perfectly shaped, beautifully natural mustache.

Baffi quickly got the attention of dog-lovers everywhere. He’s been the topic of social media chatter since birth. He’s been featured on websites like IncredibleThings.com, Reddit.com and TheHollywoodGossip.com. He was even invited to make an appearance on Good Morning America but was too young to make the long, hot trip from Phoenix to New York City.

Baffi’s personality has taken on a life of its own. His snarky, sarcastic yet playful attitude led to the creation of the “Baffi-ism”, which gives us a peek into the mind behind the mustache. Baffi loves to have fun and see people laugh. His hope is to spread some much-needed sarcastic cheer to the world.

Baffi lives in downtown Phoenix with his two human roommates and his canine pals, Scooter (the Jack Russel) and Lucy (the Cattle Dog).

You probably have a few questions

Is the mustache real?

Of course it’s real. Next question.

What does your name mean?

The name Baffi means “mustache” in Italian, where all fine things are derived.

What’s your favorite pastime?

I enjoy watching the Arizona Diamondbacks and mocking the human kiss-cam.

What annoys you the most?

Dumb questions. And garbage trucks because the thought of the stench inside churns my stomach.

Photo Gallery

Baffi's Home Movies

Baffi in the News

It should come as little surprise that Baffi recently won in the "Dandiest Dog" category of a photo contest held by Noble Beast Natural Market for Pets in downtown Phoenix. Baffi has been the "Customer of the Month" at the Downtown Deli, a popular lunch spot in downtown Phoenix as well.

Stay tuned here for more news about Baffi!

Baffi's Buddies

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Happy Waggin Tailz

Bark @ Baffi

Socialize with Baffi

Being the high society dog that I am, you can socialize with me all over social media. From my witty and humorous posts on Facebook to my thoughts on Twitter. Be sure to follow me and my activities.